Acceptable Content Policy: Spam, Scams, and Off-Topic Posts, Oh My!! spam/scam/off-topic post policy

We consider the following to be examples of spam, scam, or off-topic posts:

  • Spam: Commercial advertising - for example, advertising a company offering cell phones, video games, or other unrelated items for sale - or, content containing a large number of off-site links.
  • Scam: Off-topic ads for, say, Cute english bulldogs or AKC registered parrots for sale will get you kicked off our system quicker than you can say 'scammers are evil'. Why? Because it's obvious from the content of the ads and the identity (email address) of the advertiser that these ads are not genuine, and the advertiser is likely to be trolling for new victims - and we wish to provide a safe environment for all visitors.
  • Off-topic: if it isn't about rabbits or rabbit-related products, please take it elsewhere.
  • Offensive material: We're pretty thick-skinned, but we run a "G Rated" family site, so we take a dim view of offensive material. Keep this in mind before you post.

Posting content of this type or any other spammer/scammer content (or anything we determine to be spam/scam/etc.) makes you subject to being banned from our site, forfeiture of any subscription fees, and some or all of your postings deleted, at the sole discretion of the site administrators.

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