Bunnytrade Newsletter - 2006.11.03

Where do I begin? First, thanks to all of you who visited and/or signed up for an account and created ads. We have had a terrific response from the limited newsgroup announcements we have made.

If you have advertised on bunnytrade.com, help us help you! Download our downloadable flyer, print a copy and post it at your local feed store or pet shop, or take it to a rabbit show near you and spread the word. The more people we can get to visit bunnytrade.com, the better your ad results.

We have made numerous changes since we started. We have added:

  • A Google map showing locations of ads having sufficient address information (US only at present)
  • Browse ads by state, breed, category, or most recent.
  • Event calendar - If you know of one or more rabbit-related shows or other events you would like to add, please do! Any registered user can add events to our calendar.
  • Breeder directory (By request only - contact us if you want to be listed.)
  • Assocations directory - if you know of a rabbit or cavy association or organization, let us know, and we will add it.
  • Private messaging - if you are signed in to your bunnytrade account, you can send a private message to any other user of this site - so you will see a "write to author" link at the bottom of each classified ad or other post - clicking this link will allow you to write a short message to the author. The next time the recipient signs in, he or she will see a notification at the top of the page, and will be able to respond to your message(s). And, if you so choose, you can set your account to enable a daily email reminder of waiting private messages. (Sign in, and edit your account settings.)

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