Care and Feeding

How To Prevent Leaks in Rabbit Watering Systems

We have installed and maintained several rabbit cage watering systems using 1/4" O.D. black "flex tubing" connected to brass Edstrom drinking valve fittings (we started with an kit). These systems use a push-fit where the hose is a slip fit over the outside of a brass fitting (connector, tee, or drinking valve.)

One of the problems we have had in the past is the hoses tend to leak or slip off due to the hose stretching in hot weather, or becoming brittle due to aging. This can create minor annoyances, or major catastrophe depending on the extent of the leakage.

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Basic Rabbit Care

Topics include Signs of a Healthy Rabbit, Signs of Distress, Food & Water Requirements, Housing & Cage Requirements, Cage Maintenance, Handling, Grooming, Exercise, and Safe Toys. Read more »

Rabbit Palpation

The easiest and most reliable way to determine pregnancy in the domestic rabbit is palpationPalpation at twelve to fifteen days after a doe has been bred can determine whether the doe has conceived and will kindle at the end of the twenty-eight to thirty-two day gestation period.

Palpation is the term used when feeling for developing kits within the abdominal area using the thumb and fingers of one hand.  This technique can be difficult to learn and may take practice. Read more »

Rabbit Care and Feeding

This handbook contains a series of short articles and other postings related to rabbit care and feeding.

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