Hanging Rabbit Pens or Cages Part 2: Hooks, Bracing, and Hanging the Cages

Hanging Rabbit Cages or Hutches - Hooks, Bracing, and Hanging the Cages

Now we have the basic frames up - we need to add eye bolts to which we attach the cages via chains and s-hooks. We will also use eye bolts and 1/16" galvanized cable to provide support and help prevent the horizontal 2x4 braces from sagging under the weight of the cages. Turnbuckles are used to adjust the wire tension.

Note the use of small sections of 2x4 blocks as supports under the horizontal 2x4s we will be using as mounting braces for the cages.

Hanging Rabbit Cages or Hutches

We're relocating our rabbit cages to a cooler location (we have a shaded area provided by a dense canopy of trees behind our barn - it's about ten degrees cooler there during the summer.)

Here are some photos detailing our project - we'll be updating this as the project progresses. Read more »

How To Prevent Leaks in Rabbit Watering Systems

We have installed and maintained several rabbit cage watering systems using 1/4" O.D. black "flex tubing" connected to brass Edstrom drinking valve fittings (we started with an kit). These systems use a push-fit where the hose is a slip fit over the outside of a brass fitting (connector, tee, or drinking valve.)

One of the problems we have had in the past is the hoses tend to leak or slip off due to the hose stretching in hot weather, or becoming brittle due to aging. This can create minor annoyances, or major catastrophe depending on the extent of the leakage.

How did we fix the problem? Read more »

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