New Zealand

Went to NYS Grand Finals in Syracuse, NY 10/4-5/14

The American Chins won BOB & BOSB in all 3 shows. Buck FG1 won BOB in Saturday's shows, & Buck FOP1 won BOB in Sunday's show. Doe FG8 won BOSV in all 3 shows.

Rocker's NETS won BOSV (Red New Zealand) in all 3 shows.

My Lilac MR Buck won BOSV in all 3 shows

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FG1 (American Chin Buck) won BOB in Saturday's sows
FG8 (American Chin Doe) won BOSV in all 3 open shows
Rocker's NETS (Red NZ) Won BOSV in the 3 NZ Shows at NYS Grand Finals
F2S1 (FR SaintPaulia x Family Pride's TKK Lilac Buck) Won BOSV in all 4 MR Shows


We have several breeds. We have pet quality, show quality with pedigrees, and also meat rabbits. We are conveniently located in Central Florida between Ocala and Orlando.

12/6 King’s Auction had 11 of State Fair’s kits, one died

This is our first litter of New Zealand Whites! Soo exciting!

4/18 Took 4 of the does to the processor.

4/28 At the Palmyra show, one of the does was found to have a nasal discharge! We immediately culled her, & will be watching the others closely. Antibiotics will be given.

Pat wanted to pick 2 of these up after the show, but since one had health issues, he decided to wait a couple of weeks.

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King's Auction x C State Fair 2 weeks old
King's Auction x State Fair Smaller kits 11 weeks old
King's Auction x State Fair Larger kits 11 weeks old
King's Auction x State Fair White Buck K1 4.75 months old
King's Auction x State Fair White Buck K2 4.75 months old
King's Auction x State Fair White Doe K3 4.75 months old
King's Auction x State Fair White Doe K4 4.75 months old
King's Auction x State Fair White Doe K6 4.75 months old

Winding Brook Rabbitry

Family operated rabbitry, breeding quality market and show rabbits. We spend alot of time with our animals because we want to offer the best animal possible.

Robinson's Wabbits

Breeding show quality and pet rabbits in the good ole southern state of Florida. Located just north of Tampa, in Wesley Chapel. We breed for temperament, body type and color!!

Huggablepet Pets

We are breeding Rabbits, Cavies, and Chinchillas in our home in Walterboro, SC with over 11 years experience.

We are currently breeding American Cavies.

We are currently breeding the following Rabbit breeds:
Holland Lops
Mini Lops
New Zealand Mix

Carol Franklin; Rusty Roof Rabbitry

Mostly I raise rabbits for meat, although some are sold for pets and breeding stock. The pedigreed rabbits that I raise are American Chinchillas, MiniRex and New Zealands. I've recently acquired a pair of New Zealand Reds! My family works with me to take care of the rabbits, although the children are getting older & moving out.

Although the address we give for the rabbitry is our home address, the rabbits are housed in a barn in Jordanville, Town of Stark, NY. We are members of ARBA.

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