Mini Rex

2/5 Mated FR Bitzi w/FS4

Not too sure what to expect mating a blue & a lilac. He has mismatched toenails, but has a GC leg, as does Bitzi. Hoping for good body type.

2/2 Mated FR Moon w/FR Mocha

Hopefully we will get a lilac from this, but brokens are a possibility, since both have broken in their background.

It's soooooo COLD! FR Syringa had 5 kits, but none of them survived!

Syringa had tried, there was fur pulled, but the single digit temps were too much! The water bottles were frozen, even in the heated room. :'(

Carol Franklin; Rusty Roof Rabbitry

Mostly I raise rabbits for meat, although some are sold for pets and breeding stock. The pedigreed rabbits that I raise are American Chinchillas, MiniRex and New Zealands. I've recently acquired a pair of New Zealand Reds! My family works with me to take care of the rabbits, although the children are getting older & moving out.

Although the address we give for the rabbitry is our home address, the rabbits are housed in a barn in Jordanville, Town of Stark, NY. We are members of ARBA.

PJ'S Rabbit Farm

Located in Southern West Virgina

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