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I have really been "into" rabbit raising this last year. I have pretty much always had various animals growing up, but this last 3 years I have had rabbits. More focused and particularly on the American Chinchilla breed in the last year. I decided that I wanted to keep an American Heritage breed of rabbit. I also wanted a rabbit that could function as a multi-purposed animal. Not just a pet but also for food and fur if I needed it and to be able to provide that type of livestock for other small-scale homesteader types as well.

To me, the American Chinchilla breed fits all of these categories quite nicely. First developed for the fur and meat industry of the 1920's, it has gone from being the most popular breed ever (still a record yet to be broken) to one of the rarest. You can see more at my personal website: or also my blog site with articles at: Thanks to Bunnytrade so much for providing another forum for the support and promotion of various breeds and breeders!

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