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New Rabbitry 3

So I have some homes lined up for my kits with one left. Of course no one wants the chocolate kit. I love that one a lot. I think this one may turn out really good. So far as I can tell it has some nice form to it and it helps if I lay it on its back it will fall asleep in my arms. Too cute. I keep checking mine to the mini lop sites for the clubs and their winners. The female of mine looks like she could through kits that may turn out to be winners. Now I have to evaluate the male. Ah, me. Work is never done.

New Rabbitry 2

Still learning all that's needed to work with Mini Lops. Slowly building up the herd and culling any that is not up to snuff. So far only have pet quality. Maybe too choosey. Oh, well. I will have my show animals soon. The temperments on all the kits are great. Lovey dovey so that's one step in the right direction.

New Rabbitry

So we are starting a rabbitry with Mini Lops after over 20years with out them. I guess you never do get them out of your blood. The first time was with Dutch Rabbits and was successful until my mom's ex decided that the farm had to go. Now we are starting afresh with a different breed. Should be interesting. We shall see how it goes.

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