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2/14 Mated FR River with Avesing's Major

Mating these 2 Black Otter ND's should yield some nice ND's. Both have thrown chocolates, so there is that possibility.

2/13 Mated Crosswalk w/F9C4

Mating a broken w/this lilac buck that has 1 GC leg but developed a white spot near it's tail should give nice brokens.


Both are chocolates, so I expect....chocolates! A possibility of brokens, since both have broken in their background.

2/9 Countess had 3 of F9C4's kits, all died

She wasn't due til the 14th, so she was still in the cold barn, no provisions were made for kits. :(

2/9 River had 3 of Panther's BOB's Kits , all died

I was in PA, & thought I'd be back in time to put in the nestbox. Didn't happen :( She had them on the wire, no fur pulled.

2/5 Mated FR Bitzi w/FS4

Not too sure what to expect mating a blue & a lilac. He has mismatched toenails, but has a GC leg, as does Bitzi. Hoping for good body type.

2/2 Mated FR Moon w/FR Mocha

Hopefully we will get a lilac from this, but brokens are a possibility, since both have broken in their background.

It's soooooo COLD! FR Syringa had 5 kits, but none of them survived!

Syringa had tried, there was fur pulled, but the single digit temps were too much! The water bottles were frozen, even in the heated room. :'(

1/22/10 FR Superior had 6 of 7PR Plastik's kits, 1 died

On 1/22/10, FR Superior had 6 of 7PR Plastik's kits, 1 died. There are 3 chins & 2 white ones. The one that died was half eaten. (Yuck!)
When one of the mixed breed rabbits had a large litter of kits the next day, I traded the chins from both litter, so they wouldn't get mixed up, & added a few of the brokens, so now they each have 7!

3/25/10 The 2 whites were sold to Laura? from Spruce Lake, NY. One was a buck & one a doe.

6/18/10 F03 was sold to Alex, he named her Rome! I named F01 Caput Mundi, & F02 Eternal City.

8/10/10 FR Caput Mundi had kits! She had gotten out of her cage, & evidently got together with one of the broken bucks that was loose!

8/17/10 FR Eternal City won Best in Show at the Herkimer County Fair Youth show. She was shown by my daughter, who helps me by feeding & caring for them.

The end of August, FR Eternal City won Best of Breed in the New York State Fair Show.

4/4/11 Both FR Eternal City & FR Caput Mundi were mated with American Chin bucks & sold to Deborah in Ilion.

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American Chin Newborns w/mixed breeds
American Chinchillas 6.5 weeks old
American Chinchilla DOES 12 WEEKS OLD
American Chinchilla Intermediate doe 7 months old
American Chinchilla Intermediate doe almost 8 months
American Chinchilla Senior doe 8 months old.

BlueBells had kits!

She only had 2, but I guess that's ok for a first time mom. The one is really tiny. Are there peanuts in MiniRex like there are in NDs? I hope it lives.

Pictures can be viewed at

Both of Milkey Way's kits died :(

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