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7/14 Mated Swift's Illyria w/Avesing's Major

I don't really expect her to have kits. I really think that she's too old. Perhaps I should sell her as a pet.

7/12 Mated Cyan (F2C1) w/Heavenly (FSB6)

Cyan got out of her cage the day before she was due. We caught her a little while later. As far as I know, she did not have any kits.

7/11 Mated F93 with FR Heavenly.

Both F93 & Heavenly are lilacs. FR Heavenly has 2 GC legs & is Registered w/ARBA.

8/11 F93 had 5 lilac kits!

8/19 Tia used Bunnytrade to contact me that she was interested in babies.

Tia's children named F93 "Koala." She picked them up 8/26.

Attached Images: 
FR Koala x FR Heavenly 12 days old 1
FR Koala x FR Heavenly 12 days old 2
FR Koala x FR Heavenly 12 days old 3

6/28, Mated 7DA Cloudy w/7PR Plastik

Cloudy has 3 GC legs! I'm hoping for some very nice bunnies!

7/29 Cloudy had 2 of Plastik's kits, but they both died. :'(

6/25, Mated FR Countess (FB3) w/FR Heavenly (FSB6)

With FR Heavenly's 2 GC Legs, & Countess' good showing, I'm hoping for some very nice typed rabbits.

6/26 Countess (FB3) had 6 of Heavenly (FSB6)'s kits. There are 3 lilacs, but what color are the other 3?

10/3 Sold the Lilac tort doe at Grand Finals.

Daddy decided that he likes the Lilac tort that doesn’t have much lilac, so we’re going to keep him. I think he's actually fawn, so we named him "Dad's Fawn Buck"

11/14 Sold lilac doe F2CH3 at King’s Auction, & Sold Lilac Buck F2CH1 and the Lilac Tort buck to Missy.

2/26/12 Sold F2CH2 at King’s Auction. Philip Nesbit purchased her. I told him that she has not had any litters, although she’s been bred several times. Also, she has done terrible at the shows.

Attached Images: 
MiniRex Kits 4 Weeks old
MiniRex kits 4 Weeks old
MiniRex Kits 4 Weeks old
MiniRex Juniors 12 weeks old
MiniRex Junior Bucks 15.5 Weeks old
MiniRex Junior Unshowable Buck 15.5 weeks old
MiniRex Lilac Junior Does 15.5 weeks old
MiniRex Lilac Junior doe 4.5 months old
MiniRex Unshowable Junior Buck, 4.5 months old

6/23, Mated FR Crosswalk w/FR Heavenly

Hoping for some really nice typed rabbits. FR Heavenly has 2 GC legs. & perhaps a few lilacs.

7/24 Crosswalk had 5 of Heavenly's kits! There are 2 Blacks, 2 Brokens (Chocoate & Lilac) and a Chocolate.

Spring 2011 - Three of these were sold to Missy. The other 2 got out of their cage & tried to swim in the water containers. :'( They were not good at treading water.

Attached Images: 
FR Crosswalk x FR Heavenly Black & Broken 4.5 weeks old
FR Crosswalk x FR Heavenly Black, Broken, & Chocolate 4.5 weeks old

6/21, Mated FR River w/Avesing's Major

Hoping to get a few nice ND's from this.

5/29 Mated Swift's Illyria w/Choc Otter Buck

I really don't expect anything from this. I think the doe is getting too old.

5/25, Mated F93 (Lei) w/FR Reece

Hoping for some nice chocolates.

6/26, FR Lei had 5 of FR Reece's kits, 1 died. I think they're all lilacs!

6/30 All of the kits in the nest were dead. :'(

5/23, Mated FR Cyan (F2C1) w/FR Reece

Lilacs, hopefully!

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