8/23/11, FR Sandy had 7 of Dad’s Fawn Buck’s kits.

Seven! Wow!!

11/2, Marcea Coffer purchased the lilac buck for her granddaughter’s birthday. Her Granddaughter’s name is Reese, so the buck is named “Reese’s Bunny”.

1/8/12 Took GEFR Laura, FSD4, to the Rochester show. She won BIC (MiniRex Lilac Jr Doe) in both shows (Open & Specialty).

1/30/12 Sold FR Hershey’s Bunny (FSD2) to Denise Miles in Frankfort.

4/28 FR Laura (#FSD4) won BOSV in Show A & BOV in show B at Palmyra.

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FR Sandy x FR Dad's Fawn Buck 9 days oldFR Sandy x FR Dad's Fawn Buck 5 Weeks oldFR Sandy x Dad's Fawn Buck Chocolate Buck 10.5 weeks oldFR Sandy x Dad's Fawn Buck Does 10.5 weeks oldFSD1 GEFR PEANUT BUTTER CUP 16.5 woFSD2 FR HERSHEY'S BUNNY 16.5 woFSD4 GEFR LAURA 16.5 woFSD5 GEFR JEANNE 16.5 woGEFR Laura (FSD4) won BIC (Lilac Jr Doe) in both Rochester shows,5 months oldGEFR Laura (FSD4) Lilac Sr Doe won BOSV in the 1st, BOV in the 2nd Palmyra show

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