2/23 Mated FR F93 w/FR Starburst

Since Starburst has 3 legs, I'm expecting to get good body types from these.

2/22 Mated FR FX4 w/FR Mocha

Mating 2 chocolates, I'm expecting a few more.

2/22 Mated DA Cloudy w/FR Clyde

DA Cloudy is Registered. FR Clyde is one of her descendants. I expect these to be like Cloudy

2/20 Mated FR Cyan w/FR FS4

Not sure what to expect mating a blue with a lilac.

2/19 Mated FR Countess w/FR FXS5 (Chocolate Buck)

FR Countess is Blue, mated with a chocolate could give Lilacs.

2/14 Mated FR River with Avesing's Major

Mating these 2 Black Otter ND's should yield some nice ND's. Both have thrown chocolates, so there is that possibility.

2/13 Mated Crosswalk w/F9C4

Mating a broken w/this lilac buck that has 1 GC leg but developed a white spot near it's tail should give nice brokens.

Fantastic sketches by Catrina

Graphite portrait of Hedy Lamarr by Catrina

People are talking about Catrina's beautiful drawings.

My daughter, Catrina, has been working on more of her fantastic portrait drawings. You can see some of them, including her more recent works, on her gallery. Read more »


Both are chocolates, so I expect....chocolates! A possibility of brokens, since both have broken in their background.

2/9 Countess had 3 of F9C4's kits, all died

She wasn't due til the 14th, so she was still in the cold barn, no provisions were made for kits. :(

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