1/22/11, Crosswalk had 1 of w/FR FXB6's kits, it died :(

This is not good :(

12/31/10, FR Cyan (F2C1) had 4 of Choc FM2B 's kits

There are 2 Chocolates, a blue & a black!

They did not survive the winter. :(

11/28/10, 7DA Cloudy had 3 of 7PR Plastik’s kits. All died

This has happened with her last 3 litters, 3 in the litter, & they all died. :(

10/14/10 Bitzi (FCC4) had 5 of Tender Trap (FSB7)'s kits; all died

Bitzi put the nest over a hole in the bottom of her cage.

9/26/10 FR Cocoa Bean (FP3) had 5 of FR Hero's kits.'s

On 9/26/10, FR Cocoa Bean had 5 of FR Hero's (FR) kits. Both parents are chocolate otters.

9/27, one of the kits was dead in the nestbox. Added one of Shawnee’s kits.

10/3 When we got back from Grand Finals, 3 kits had gotten out of the nestbox & expired from the cold :’(

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Netherland Dwarf Chocolate Otter Kits
Netherland Dwarf Junior Chocolate Otter Does
Netherland Dwarf Junior Chocolate Otter Does
Netherland Dwarf Junior Chocolate Otter Doe
Netherland Dwarf Junior Chocolate Otter Doe

M&M Heritage Farm

We have Silver Fox kits in the nest! Looks like the 3 Silver Fox does we have each had 6 kits! Some will be black; some will be blue! Check out our website at for more information!

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Silver Fox Buck

New Rabbitry 3

So I have some homes lined up for my kits with one left. Of course no one wants the chocolate kit. I love that one a lot. I think this one may turn out really good. So far as I can tell it has some nice form to it and it helps if I lay it on its back it will fall asleep in my arms. Too cute. I keep checking mine to the mini lop sites for the clubs and their winners. The female of mine looks like she could through kits that may turn out to be winners. Now I have to evaluate the male. Ah, me. Work is never done.

8/18 Mated SBB Milkey Way w/FR Marine Research

Chocolate & Lilac should give good lilacs. Hopefully! :)

8/3 Mated DA Cloudy w/FR Clyde Rabbit

This is a case of line-breeding. Cloudy is Clyde's Dam, so the kits should be a lot like Cloudy, who has 3 GC legs & is Registered. I should send in her paperwork!

8/3 Mated FR River w/Chocolate Otter Buck

With my ND's, I just hope I get a few kits! A few solid chocolates would be nice.

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